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"Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not." —Leila Janah

Which one of these children might discover the cure for cancer, walk on Mars, or become a doctor? One of these children could develop better crop yields through aerial mapping and applying modern farming technologies. Maybe one of these children will grow up to become a teacher, who inspires her students to accomplish great things.

Friends of Guirgho recognizes that every child is born with infinite potential, but this potential is limited by opportunity and resources. Children being educated in rural village schools in Africa today are often far behind their counterparts in the developed world. Their fertile young imaginations are very quickly stifled by the realities of their circumstances. For the most part, these children will have no exposure to technologies like computers, or any opportunities to experience multimedia learning, either at school or at home. In the past the logistical hurdles necessary to close this gap, including access to electrical power, clean drinking water, and even basic sanitation made the task virtually impossible. The availability of technology and reliable, cost-effective renewable energy sources today has made these obstacles surmountable. Today, with the right technology, a learner should no longer have to leave her community to have access to a world-class education—it can be brought to any community anywhere in the world. Friends of Guirgho is committed to assisting rural schools by providing the infrastructure and technologies needed to expand their educational options.


Friends of Guirgho’s goal is to partner with rural public schools in Burkina Faso to provide state-of-the-art educational resources to enhance the educational opportunities for all students. We will build centers of learning (Imagination Centers) which will house computers, as well as science and art labs at target rural villages, where young minds will have the opportunity to use modern tools and technology to explore their potential, and connect with the larger world from their own communities.

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The power of our impact grows when we all work together. Thank you for your desire to help. We appreciate your interest in our project.


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We have big plans for our future. Before we can see them through, we have to lay the foundation – literally. 

This past fall, a group of us traveled to Guirgho to paint and refurbish classrooms, build latrines, sand desks, and install ceiling fans. 

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