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Next Steps

We've come a long way, but there is still much left to do.

We are incredibly grateful to our donors and volunteers for all of the progress we have made so far. We have built incredible momentum with this project and we are not stopping now!

Friends of Guirgho's DONE List

  • Renovated the classrooms

  • Refurbished classroom desks

  • Brought laptops to teachers

  • Supplied textbooks

  • Built outdoor picnic tables

  • Improved the pass rate on the 6th-grade entrance exam

  • Established a solar micro-grid to provide electricity for the entire campus

  • Planted school gardens

  • Installed flat-screen TVs to enhance the students' audiovisual experience

  • Installed a hydro-pneumatic water pressure system to provide running water throughout the school

  • Partnered with Orange to bring the Internet to the entire campus

Friends of Guirgho's To-Do List

  • Build new teachers' quarters with running water and electricity

  • Enclose the school compound

  • Build a new computer center

  • Provide basic maintenance training for students and parents to help maintain the planned infrastructure additions

Our vision for the computer center

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