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Progress So Far



We are currently in the YELLOW PHASE of our project.​

In 2023, we...

  • Dug miles of trenches and installed electric cable to the classroom buildings, teachers' quarters, student gardens, and kitchen.

  • Laid water pipes and constructed a running water system using compression tanks and installed standpipes and faucets throughout the campus.

  • Partnered with Orange to bring the Internet to the entire campus.


In 2022, we...

  • Established a solar microgrid to provide electricity to the entire campus.

  • Installed flat-screen TVs to enhance the students' audiovisual experience.

  • Purchased textbooks for the 5th-grade class to help prepare for the 6th-grade entrance exam.

  • Funded the drilling of a new well.

  • Funded a fence for the student garden project to protect crops.


During our September 2019 trip, we...

  • Repainted all classrooms and Director’s office.

  • Resurfaced classroom floors and rebuilt desks.

  • Resurfaced all blackboards.

  • Installed solar exhaust fans and passive exhaust turbines in all classrooms, improving ventilation.

  • Constructed 14 picnic tables and a blackboard for outdoor learning spaces.

  • Rebuilt sanitary latrines with doors and a roof.

  • Brought over and placed a 40’ shipping container loaded with tools, generators, and supplies which will function as a workshop, storage space, and staging area for future phases of construction.

  • Provided a tractor with farm implements for eventual use in the school garden.

  • Donated books, art supplies, and educational games to create a library.

Other Accomplishments to Date

  • All teachers, as well as the school’s principal, have been provided laptop computers, printers, and projectors, as well as instruction in how to use them through IT specialist-led training sessions.

  • We provided support and training for the new PTA members to enhance their understanding and role in helping the students. This PTA has become an incredibly effective platform for parental involvement and input into all phases of the plan. Officers were elected, and several meetings have been held.

  • Ahead of a fact-finding trip in November 2018, more than 200 textbooks and school supplies, such as chalk and paper, were provided.

  • The PTA has begun repairing desks using lumber they milled from a nearby fallen tree.

  • PTA members have completed demolition work on the dilapidated, inoperable latrines in preparation of the site for the new latrine construction to come.

  • Test holes were bored and soil samples taken for analysis to help determine the most effective methods to optimize crop yields in anticipation of creating the school garden. Results will be shared with the local farmers for use on their farms as well.

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