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What We Do

"Helping to bring education in rural Africa to the next level"

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The Importance of Education

Friends of Guirgho knows that the talent and creativity students in rural Burkina Faso can contribute to the world are limited only by their circumstances. We believe incredible potential exists in every child, and that we should do our best to create conditions that will develop and nurture the fulfillment of that potential. Our goal is to provide access to technology and facilitate other programs that will enable students to enhance their studies, discover their own interests, and realize their talents.

The most powerful words you can say to a child are "You are valued. I believe in you." The next great discovery can come from anywhere, and these children all posses immense potential. What they need are the tools. Along with the incredible teachers and PTA, we are working to ensure that these children are given the best guidance possible to become the best that they can be. By understanding your environment and the systems that govern it, you are empowered to understand how to live within it and change it, rather than be controlled by it. We hope that with this project, we will empower these young students to realize their ability to impact their village, country, continent, and the world. 


Why Computers?

Burkina Faso achieved independence in 1960. Since then, education in developed countries of has expanded exponentially and continues to do so at incredible speed. Students graduating from rural schools today are still being educated much in the same way as they were in the 60s. In Guirgho, a child goes through 12 years of school never having seen an audiovisual presentation or a computer.

Computers will provide the opportunity for students in rural schools to connect to the world and give them the path to envision a future beyond life in their villages. A basic understanding of computers is an essential educational skill for any student in the 21st century.


Supporting the Next Generation


​Pritzker award-winning architect, Diébédo Francis Kéré, attended an elementary school in Burkina Faso very similar to Guirgho. 

After getting his degree in architecture, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to go home to Gando in Burkina Faso, to help his neighbors reap the benefit of his education. In this talk, Kéré shows off some of the beautiful structures he's helped to build in his small village in the years since then, including an award-winning primary school made from clay by the entire community.

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