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Powering Education in Guirgho

Friends of Guirgho is committed to bringing running water, solar-powered electricity, and computer technology to the children of Guirgho. We have made incredible progress at the elementary school, but there is much left to be done. As we move toward our ultimate goal of building a computer center there, certain needs must first be addressed. To build our dream, we must first lay the foundation.


We are looking to raise $35,000 to build a solar microgrid that will bring electricity to the school. This will allow the school day to be completely transformed with lights, cooling fans, computers, running water, and more. Additionally, we plan to dig a well for the high school, which currently has no on-site water source.   

The breakdown of the costs is as follows:

· Solar Grid: $16,000

· Submersible Pump and Tank: $3,000

· Well for the High School: $3,500

· Control Building $3,500

· Shipping: $4,000

· Building Materials: $5,000

Friends of Guirgho recognizes that every child is born with infinite potential, but this potential is limited by opportunity and resources. Today, with the right technology, a learner should no longer have to leave her community to have access to a world-class education—it can be brought to any community anywhere in the world. 



Unleashing Opportunity


In Burkina Faso, 5th-grade students must pass a national exam to be promoted to the 6th grade, but they only have two chances to pass.

In 2019 the 5th graders in Guirgho had a 30% success rate with the exam. Despite challenges presented by COVID-19 and school being interrupted for two months, in 2020 Guirgho‘s success rate increased to 50%.


This is an increase of 67%.


This means that more students will remain in school and continue their education. Thank you to all of our supporters and to our dedicated teachers for helping these students reach their dreams!






The New Minister of Health

We are proud to share that our Friends of Guirgho team member, Dr. Charlemagne Marie R. Ouedraogo, has been appointed Minister of Health of Burkina Faso. Congratulations to Charlemagne on this fantastic achievement! 

To learn more about Charlemagne and his work, please visit our team bios page.


Students work on the school garden project started by Acting Director, Denis Ouedraogo.