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What's New?

Powering Education in Guirgho

Big things have been happening in Guirgho! Thanks to generous donors, we were recently able to:

  • Establish a solar microgrid to provide electricity to the entire campus.

  • Drill a new well and build a running water system that delivers clean drinking water to the entire campus.

  • Install flat-screen TVs to enhance the students' audiovisual experience.

  • Purchase textbooks for the 5th grade class to help prepare for the 6th grade entrance exam.

  • Provide laptops and training for the teachers to support and enhance their lesson prep.

  • Restore and refurbish classroom desks.

  • Provide and install passive solar vents to combat the hot classroom temperatures which can reach up to 110 degrees. 

  • Build outdoor picnic tables for students to use for studying or playing.

  • Fund a fence for the student garden project to protect crops.

  • Provide handwashing stations and masks to keep students safe in the wake of COVID-19.



Friends of Guirgho recognizes that every child is born with infinite potential, but this potential is limited by opportunity and resources. Today, with the right technology, a learner should no longer have to leave her community to have access to a world-class education—it can be brought to any community anywhere in the world.

The Latest Updates
Guirgho School Garden

Unleashing Opportunity

In Burkina Faso, 5th-grade students must pass a national exam to be promoted to the 6th grade, but they only have two chances to pass.

In 2020 the 5th graders in Guirgho had a 95% success rate with the exam, despite challenges presented by COVID-19 and school being interrupted.

This means that:

  • 95% of students will continue on to the 6th grade. 

  • ​They won’t have to drop out and go to work at such a young age. 

  • Their future is brighter as they pursue their dreams. 

  • They will be better equipped to provide for themselves and their families in the future.

  • They will be moved towards fulfilling their purpose.

Thank you to all of our supporters and to our dedicated teachers for helping these students reach their dreams!

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